Option #4 - Sample Box 

Sample boxes are a great way to get a variety of great cuts and enjoy grass fed grass finished beef without much freezer space.  Weighing approximately 20 - 25 lbs. Each assortment varies but all will include a variety of steaks, a few different roasts and lean ground beef. 

$210.00 total sales price


Payment Options

Winter ​Beef Packages

Winter packages are in-stock ready for pick up from 3T Ranch. 

Option #1 - 1/2 Beef 

Full Side, 1/2 Beef, is the best value and good for  a larger family or a few good carnivores. Each 1/2 Beef is a full side and is 200 lbs in the freezer.  Approximately 1/3 ground beef, 1/3 steak and 1/3 roast. This option contains a generous portion of all the available cuts, individually wrapped and ready to enjoy. Customers can customize their processing. (Thickness of the steaks, cut options, roast options, ground beef options, etc.)

$1,400 total sales price = $7.00/per pound freezer weight = $4.67/per pound hanging weight


Payment Options
SOLD OUT Steaks Package 

Our 25 lbs steak package includes a variety of our most popular cuts including T-Bones, New Yorks, Tenderloin Filets, Rib Eyes, Sirloins, etc. Each steak is vacuumed packed for easy defrosting as well as labeled. 

Price - $250 = $10/per pound

Payment Options
Payment Options
Option #3 - 1/8 Beef

1/8 share includes approximately    50 lbs in the freezer. Includes at least one of almost all the available cuts and includes 1/3 steak, 1/3 roast and 1/3 ground beef. Each 1/8 share easily fits into a normal size kitchen fridge/freezer without emptying or rearranging it.

$380.00 total sales price = $7.60/per pound freezer weight = $5.07/per pound hanging weight


SOLD OUT Roasts Package

Roasts Package is 25 lbs and includes a variety of our most popular cuts including Prime Rib, Chuck, Tri Tip Roast, Rump, etc. Each roast is vacuumed packed for easy defrosting as well as labeled. 

Regularly priced at $177.50, on sale for $160 only $6.40 per pound through end of Small Business Saturday.  

Option #2 - 1/4 Beef 

Full 1/4 share, a great value and includes exactly 1/4 of all the cuts on the animal as the processor evenly divides all parts into quarters. Each quarter is approximately 100 lbs in the freezer, everything is individually wrapped and packaged. A full quarter will fill about three small file boxes (15x12x10) and can fit into a standard kitchen freezer as long as there is not much else in it.

$710.00 total sales price = $7.10/per pound freezer weight = $4.73/per pound hanging weight


Ground Beef Package

​Per many requests from our customers, we have decided to sell ground beef packages. Our ground beef is lean and full of flavor. Each package is 25 lbs of beef packed in 1 pound tubes. 

Price - $150 = $6/per pound

2018 Beef Packages - PRE-ORDERS

2018 beef packages will be available for pick-up late summer through early winter.

NEW THIS YEAR - steaks and roasts are vacuum packed! All inclusive in our pricing. No extra charge! 

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Select your beef package option and click on the "Buy Now" button.  For this year we have the following payment options:

Full Payment:  Use your credit card through the PayPal site and pay for the full order now.    This payment option is available for any Beef order at any time.
Deposit: The deposit for all Beef options is $100 paid with your credit card at the time of order.   The remaining balance will be due when you pick up your by check.  This option is also available for any Beef order at any time.
Payment Plan:  We are offering a six payment plan option.  Order prior to April 1st, and select this option from the drop down menu, your first payment will be charged via credit card at the time of order.  The remaining five payments will be charged May 1, June 1, July 1, August 1, September 1, each payment is 1/6th of the total order.  The payment plan is available for Beef Option #1 and #2.

2. You will receive an order confirmation email from 3T Ranch, option #1 and #2 will also receive a cut sheet that allows for custom tailored meat processing. (Thickness of the steaks, different cut options like T-Bones or New York and Filets, more ground beef, roast options, etc.). 

3. As our beef is grass fed/grass finished, the animals must be on good green grass to ensure the best meat quality. Therefore, orders are only able to be fulfilled late summer throughout the fall.  We take the animal directly from the green grass to the processor. We wait for the animal to be ready on its own, some grow faster and will be ready early while some take a little longer to get up to size.  If you have a preference on time of order, earlier or later, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate requests.  We will notify you three weeks prior to your beef package being ready. All meat will be picked up from 3T Ranch in Franktown and we will also email you pick-up schedule options. Most of our customers pre-order the meat in the spring time and pick up later summer/fall. Don't wait with your pre-order. We sell out fairly quickly. ​